The Man’s Guide To Beard Oil


If you turn the page of any magazine, flick through your television channels, or walk down the street, chances are you’ll see a bearded man or two going about their day.

Although beards have always been fashionable in one way or another through the centuries, we are now only seeing a huge boom in the accessories and products marketed to men in order to keep facial hair looking and feeling its very best, such as the ever popular beard oil.  In this guide, we will show you how to keep beard soft.

Although you might have heard the rumors spreading many years ago that beards were in fact covered with harmful bacteria and germs, the latest research has proven this to be wrong. According to studies published on WebMD, having a beard that’s properly cared for is no more likely to be harboring bacteria than a clean shaven man’s face.

Young Man With Long Beard

With all of this information now on hand, we can instead focus on getting the best-looking beard that’s full of shine, is soft to the touch, and easy to manage, which is where beard oil comes into play.

This revolutionary product features oils and other ingredients that get deep into your skin and facial hair to transform even the most brittle of beards into something soft and healthy thanks to a few key ingredients.

Common Beard Oil Ingredients

While every brand and product have their own unique ingredients, there are some common ones you’re likely to see if you’re shopping around for beard oil. Here are just a few of the popular materials found in beard oil and what they can help with.

  • Jojoba oil – this has a high content of vitamin E and makes it ideal for conditioning and soothing both the skin and hair of your beard
  • Aloe vera – as one of nature’s most powerful soothing materials, aloe vera is ideal for treating the skin underneath your beard and helping to calm any irritation
  • Almond oil – this has one of the lightest textures of all natural oils and is ideal for use on your beard if you’re looking for a lightweight product that won’t weigh you down
  • Grapeseed oil – with a bit of this oil in your treatment you’ll soften brittle hair and give it a shine, thanks to its high content of vitamin E
  • Argan oil – with vitamin E and fatty acids, this ingredient will work with both your hair and skin to condition and give a natural boost. Because it’s non-greasy, it’s perfect for thick beards and those with an already oily complexion
  • Essential oils – a number of essential oils are used in beard oil such as lavender, mint, and tea tree, each with their own unique scent and purpose

Knowing a little about the ingredients and what their main purpose in means you’ll be primed to choose the ideal beard oil for your needs, so all that will be left is to perfect the application and stick to your daily routine.

How To Apply Beard Oil

Before you can think about applying your beard oil, you should always ensure your beard is clean. While it’s not recommended to wash your beard with a conditioner or shampoo every day you will need to do this if it’s dirty or has an unpleasant smell. However, you can rinse it in water when you have a shower and run plain water through it to keep it as clean as possible.

Man Applying Beard Oil

The best time to apply your oil is straight after a hot shower as both your skin and beard will be in the best condition, but ensure that you’ve dried it thoroughly Depending on the beard oil you own, there may be different guidelines to follow for the best application. As a general rule, you should apply one or two drops to your hands and rub them lightly to spread it evenly.

Rather than rubbing it in completely, just brush your hands against your beard in a downward direction, starting with the sides and then the front.

Then, run your fingers upwards through your beard and over your mustache, ensuring you’ve covered the hair from all angle and have lightly touched the skin. Comb through once done, and then style as you wish, repeating this each day as required.

The Benefits Of Using Beard Oil

For those who already own a beard and have devoted much of their time and energy to get it looking its best and healthiest, you probably have already heard of beard oil and what it can do for your facial hair.

Man With Ginger Beard

For those not yet in the know, once you learn exactly how this revolutionary product can transform your beard you’ll be wondering why you didn’t invest in a bottle sooner and give your beard the treatment it so sorely needs.

Promotes Growth

When you apply the right beard oil with ingredients that get into your follicles, you can actually help your beard to grow. This is ideal for those who are just trying to turn their stubble into something more serious, or anyone who thinks it’s time for an upgrade to a bushier beard.

Leaves A Scent

Because beard oils are made from the finest natural ingredients usually and a mix of oils, you’ll be left with a pleasant and manly scent that can rival even the finest aftershaves. As an added bonus, because it’s applied to your beard you’ll find that the scent carries with you until you’re ready to wash it out which is more than you’ll find with most aftershaves.

Bearded Man Kissing Girl

Conditions And Softens Hair

Anyone with a beard will know just how brittle it can get, and the longer the coarser you'll find it to be. This is due to the glands which keep our hair soft not being able to reach down as our beards go longer. A quality beard oil will condition and soften your hair so that it’s as soft as that on your head and a treat for anyone to run their fingers through.

Soothes Skin

Whether you get irritated skin from shaving around the area or your skin underneath the beard is all dried out, a good beard oil will soothe any irritation you might have and reduce the itch.

Removes Beard Dandruff

Many beard owners will find that they develop dandruff in their beard which can be tough to remove. Beard oil gets into the hair follicles and soothes the skin which reduces the itch and irritation that causes beard dandruff. You’ll find after a week or so your dandruff will disappear with the right beard oil.

Man With Beard Darndruff

Makes Beard More Manageable

For anyone that has an unruly beard or has trouble styling it to perfection, beard oil could the miracle you’ve been waiting for. The light blend of oils in this product makes your beard more manageable without the need for any other styling products if you don’t wish.

The Beard Balm Vs Beard Oil Debate

Another popular men’s grooming product to hit the market lately is beard balm, and although both of these are intended to get your beard looking and feeling its best they actually work in different ways. When used correctly, you should only really need just one product, however, there’s no harm in implementing both of them into your daily grooming routine.

Beard balm is best for people who want their beards to look fuller and thicker and is more often used as a styling agent. Although it has conditioning qualities for the beard, it’s usually intended for short-term use and as a cosmetic aid which can be helpful when manipulating the shape of your beard.

Illustration Of Beard Balm Vs Oil

For the best results, you should shop for an all natural beard balm that can be removed at the end of the day, rather than one with harsh chemicals that may end up doing damage to the skin beneath.

Beard oil is often used as a long-term approach to creating a healthy and strong beard, as it works deeper in both the facial hair and skin to get results. These oils are usually made from natural ingredients and essential oils so that they’re gentle on skin and hair while being able to work deep into the pores and follicles that are responsible for growing your beard.

Although both have great results for your beards, one is more of a cosmetic approach to help with styling and the other gets to the root of growing a healthy beard. Beard balm comes in the form on a sticky balm that can be worked through your beard and the oil is usually dispensed with a pump or dropper, and for this reason, it’s far less messy to apply.

Different Types Of Beard Oil

Just as you’ll find with any haircare or beauty product, they’re usually divided up into different types to suit a whole range of users. This is especially the case with beard oil, as there are many types of men with many unique beards that each require a specific response.

Different Beard Oils

Beard Oil For Dry Skin

For those with dry skin, you’ll want to find a beard that caters to this specifically. Look for ingredients packed with vitamin E such as jojoba oil and keep your face and beard moisturized. Anyone living in cold and dry climates will also find it beneficial to use a beard oil for dry skin too.

Beard Oil For Oily Skin

When you have oily skin it can affect your beard’s growth and appearance, so your beard oil should correspond with your skin type. Although you might think so, it’s best not to avoid anything with oil in it as this can help prevent your body from overproducing it to compensate.

Ensure you implement some other products into a skincare regime that can help reduce your oily appearance such as a cleanser too.

Beard Oil For Normal Skin

Anyone with oily skin can have free reign on what type of product they choose as beard oil for normal skin is covered in most products. Choose one that focuses on both beard and skincare, though, to be sure that neither is neglected.

Normal Skin Beard Oil


Anyone with sensitive skin or known skin allergies will want to ensure they choose a hypoallergenic product. Because beard oil gets into your pores and doesn’t just sit on the beard, you can easily break out with an allergic reaction if you’re not cautious to choose the right products.

Scented And Unscented

Most beard oils come with a mild scent thanks to essential oils, however, there are some with added scents such as vanilla and tobacco. These are usually more masculine scents and can replace your aftershave or cologne if you so wish.

Within these common types, there are a few specifications that most beard oils can be categorized into. Knowing what your goal is for your beard is the best way to ensure you’re choosing the right beard oil so it pays to do some research first.

Features And Specifications Of Beard Oil

There are three main things to consider when purchasing beard oil, and when you have an idea of these in mind it will help make your search a little easier. Firstly, the pack size of your oil is important. Keep in mind that only the smallest amount is needed for beard oil and so while an ounce might seem like a small amount it will usually last you many months.

Pouring Beard Oil In Small Bottle

Secondly, think about the ingredients present and which ones you want to help you achieve your beard goals. Most beard oils are made from a mix of both essential oils and a carrier oil which helps it get into your skin and beard without being too potent or harmful to sensitive areas.

This also ties into the third point which is knowing what effect you’re hoping for from beard oil. Whether you want something to stimulate growth, soften brittle hair, or just make it more manageable, there’s usually a main purpose to these products. Once you have this in mind, you can then move onto looking through the popular brands in men’s grooming for your ideal one.

Popular Manufacturers Of Beard Oil

When you get in the world of men’s grooming products you’ll find some brands that seem to stand out from the rest. These manufacturers are known for creating quality beard oil that ticks all of the boxes the modern man might look for. Here are just a few of the popular makers of beard oil and how their products stand apart from the rest.

Honest Amish

This brand uses old world recipes and the finest natural and organic ingredients to create their men’s grooming products. The Honest Amish Beard Oil range claims to be better than oil, with a selection of products that cover beard first aid kits to premium oils.

Premium Honest Amish Beard Oil

They use ingredients such as avocado oil, virgin pumpkin seed oil, and jojoba oil for a completely natural but effective experience.

Jack Black

As one of the most famed cosmetics and beauty product manufacturers who specialize in natural products, it’s no surprise that Jack Black Beard Oil products are among some of the finest.

Their beard oils have great soothing qualities and they favor the use of ingredients such as vitamin E to achieve it, with a range of singular oils available or complete kits for the man who wants it all.


If you haven’t already clued onto the name, Beardbrand is a company who makes beards their business specifically. This manufacturer makes everything you could ever need for a healthy beard including beard oils, waxes, lotions, combs, and conditioners.

Beardbrand Tea Tree Beard Oil In Snow

Best of all, their products are made with clear ingredients to show what’s truly inside, and they pride themselves on being a premium manufacturer of beard related products and other cosmetics. The Beardbrand Beard Oil is known for long lasting results and not just a quick fix like others might offer.

Brickell Men’s Products

For those men looking for a completely natural and organic product for their beard, Brickell Men’s Products pride themselves on exactly that. Their range of beard oils and other grooming products use the finest ingredients to ensure that nature and science come together to offer the bearded man the very best for his facial hair.

Brickell Men’s Products Beard Oils are some of the most vegan-friendly and organic you’ll find on the market.

Detroit Grooming Co.

This company specializes in men’s grooming and they have an old world approach to it, with scents and packaging that looks like it’s stepped in a time machine from many years ago. They have a huge focus on masculinity in their range, without being overbearing, and the Detroit Grooming Co. Beard Wax products are among their most popular.

Detroit Grooming Co Corktown Beard Oil

How To Ensure Beard Oil Safety

Although most of the natural brands will pose no threat to your safety and protecting your skin, there are a few things you should be aware of when using beard oil. The best way to prevent any injury or harm is to carefully read the label of any product before applying it to ensure that none of these could affect you.

Synthetic Fragrances

According to studies, up to 95 percent of the chemicals in a synthetic fragrance come from petrochemicals which are toxins responsible for everything from cancer to allergies. For this reason, you should avoid anything with a synthetic fragrance going near your beard or face and stick to natural scents only.

Citrus Oils

Although not always harmful, citrus oils can sometimes cause a reaction when they come into contact with sunlight. So you might not notice anything upon application however when you step outside your skin will react horribly to any beard oil with citrus contained.

Clove Citrus Beard Oil 3 oz

Allergic Reactions

Always know your allergies before applying beard oil and if you are prone to reactions in the past then you should check labels with caution. Because beard oil is rubbed into the skin and hair it can be tough to remove if you find that it doesn’t agree with you.

A little bit of caution before you purchase your beard oil means you’ll get to enjoy only the positive side to this revolutionary product. Take the time to check labels carefully and always opt for the natural approach where possible.

The Beard Oil Revolution

Beard oil is certainly nothing new in history, with its origins believed to date back to Ancient Greece. However, the recent popularity of this grooming accessory is all thanks to a more natural but still masculine approach now offered for the modern man.

With the right beard oil in your arsenal, you can not only ensure you get the cosmetic benefits of taking care of your beard but you have long-term and deeper results that work their way into your skin. When you focus on treating the root of beard care and ensuring it’s conditioned and healthy, you’ll see amazing results on the outside too.

Bearded Man Pulling Himself For Mustaches

Although men might have been happy to just trim their beards and be done with in the past, this new era of men’s grooming is likely to shape the way that men care for their facial hair in the future. With a greater focus on caring for oneself and looking after our skin and care, the popularity of beard oil and other beard maintenance products will soar.

As there are now hundreds of beard oils available for purchase, it can be tough to navigate through them all and separate the good from the bad. However, with a little bit of research, we can show you the most important features to look for in a beard oil and what some of the top selling products can offer the bearded man.

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