Whether you just want to do a quick touchup in the morning or a full-on taming of your face mane, having the best beard trimmer is your best bet to get the job done. Beard trimmers not only have the benefit of being powered for quicker action, they also come with handy guide combs to help you achieve and/or maintain the beard style you’re going for, making them an invaluable tool every bearded man should have in his beard care arsenal.


The number one benefit of choosing to use a beard trimmer is how easy it makes styling your beard. Unlike other products that may look similar (razors, for instance), beard trimmers are designed specifically to make grooming beards easier. Instead of being made to give you a close shave, they are purpose-built to trim and tame your beard. Unlike with an electric shaver, with a beard trimmer, you don’t have to worry about accidentally scalping yourself, so to speak. By selecting the appropriate guide comb and selecting the length setting, you can easily trim stray hairs without taking any significant length off, which is the primary goal for most men who want to grow out their beards but still keep them looking nice and polished.

Also on the note of polishing is how easy beard trimmers make shaping and styling your beard. There are a lot of beard looks out there, and some beards styles naturally compliment certain face shapes better than others. Unless you’re going for a full, long beard like the popular Bandholtz look, then you’re going to need to shape your beard to achieve a style that complements your facial dimensions. Beard trimmers are a huge help with this. Once you do your rough trimming with the longer comb, you can use smaller combs to help detail your look. Good trimmers will even allow for very fine details, which is great for guys who want an intricate look or have a styled moustache along with their beard. Right now, we’re living in a facial hair free-for-all where pretty much anything goes, and a great beard trimmer can definitely help you create any look you want with relative ease.

Some beard trimmers have extra attachments for thinks like nose/ear hair, which makes them pretty versatile grooming tools. Many beard trimmers can also function as a razor, so if, for any reason, you have to go clean shaven (or if you’re a bearded man who shaves his head, which super common and recommended), then a beard trimmer with that extra functionality will definitely be a boon to your overall grooming routine. If you’re a low maintenance type of guy—or maybe just super frugal—it would definitely be worthwhile to consider a trimmer that has more than just trimming functionality.


The most important thing to consider before buying a beard trimmer is voltage. For instance, different countries run their electricity at different voltages, ranging from 100V to 240V. As you can see, that’s a huge range and using an incompatible trimmer could obviously be disastrous. If you live in the US and won’t be traveling outside of the US (or won’t be taking your beard trimmer with you), then you have a lot of options to choose from, which is the good news. But if you’re going to be traveling, it’s vital that you account for voltage in the area you’ll be traveling to to ensure that your beard trimmer remains in good health. Luckily, there are many options that will work with adaptors and a lot even have universal voltage, so this isn’t as big of a deal as it once was—but it’s still something to keep in mind.

Another thing to consider is: to cord or not to cord? The obvious downside to corded beard trimmers is that they can’t get wet and you’re always tethered to the power source. The upside is that you don’t have to worry about recharging batteries, which can be time consuming. Battery power does give you more flexibility, though, so if you factor in charging time and plan accordingly, battery-powered beard trimmers tend to be more practical in general. But this is a pro/con thing every man needs to weigh for himself as everyone has their own needs and preferences.

Be sure to get a trimmer that has the functionality you need—especially when it comes to guard combs. If you want that large, bushy, full beard look with only light taming to keep it from getting out of control, then you’re going to want a large guard comb that won’t encourage too much cutting. On the other hand, if you want a close-cropped beard or that long stubble look, choose a trimmer that can give you that look. If you change up your look a lot, go for a trimmer that comes with a variety of guards to meet your ever-changing needs, as that will be the only way you’re going to be satisfied. (And there’s nothing long with changing up your beard game every now and then.)

For hygiene’s sake, go for a beard trimmer that is washable. You’d be surprised that even though it’s 2017, there are a lot of trimmers that are still pretty much impossible to get good and clean. A well-kept beard is a clean beard, but if you don’t keep bacteria out of it, you’re setting yourself up for issues down the road, which is why a washable trimmer is a highly recommendable piece of equipment.


Remington's MB4045B The Beardsman Beard Boss Full Beard Kit from Remington boasts a 120-minute runtime on just a 4-hour charge. While that charge-to-runtime ratio would be pretty bad in the world of cellphones, for instance, it’s actually very impressive when it comes to beard trimmers, which, as a general rule, take a notoriously long time to charge. 120 minutes equals two full hours, and since your trimming sessions probably aren’t that long, you’ll get several uses out of The Beardsman before you even have to think about recharging, thanks to its powerful li-ion battery.

There are three combs that come with The Beardsman. The two shorter combs are pretty much what you’d except in a comb set that comes with a good beard trimmer, but the standout is definitely the XL-length comb, which is explicitly designed to keep your long, manly beard looking nice and groomed without taking too much length off. The smaller combs can help you further tailor or detail your look.

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The Wahl Professional Peanut Clipper/Trimmer is a pro grade trimmer designed to live up to the exacting standards of the best professional barbers out there. While it’s not explicitly intended for the home user, those who feel comfortable using professional grade products like the Wahl Peanut choose to do so for exactly the same reasons the pros do: the good-looking end result and high-grade performance level.

While some may whine about a clipper feeling flimsy, there is nothing wrong with a compact beard trimmer, which is pretty much how the Peanut comes by its name—it’s compact, like a peanut. Contrary to popular belief, compact does not equal flimsy. The Peanut is well-known for its robust, full-size power. And the fact that it’s smaller is part of why professionals dig it—if you’re shaving people all day, you don’t want to wear yourself out, because your customer’s looks are at stake.

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The Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300’s integrated vacuum technology is a standout feature. One of the biggest annoyances guys everywhere have is beard clippings flying back into their face. No one wants to have to go to work with that feeling of hair in their mouth, right? It’s just gross. The 7300’s vacuum mitigates that problem, vacuuming cut hair simultaneously as you trim.

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The FARI beard trimmer uses a rechargeable li-ion battery and features universal voltage (100V – 240V), which means you can safely use it anywhere in the world. It charges via micro USB; you can use the original adaptor it comes with or one from any compatible smartphone for extra convenience.

The FARI’s turbo boost feature amps up the power to trim the thickest beards and tame the coarsest hair all with finesse and ease.

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The Remington All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit features a robust array of attachments to meet all of your grooming needs, including: 3 beard combs, a stubble comb, hair clipper comb (with 8 length settings), ear and detail trimmer, nose trimmer, foil shaver and full-size trimmer. The three beard combs provide varying lengths, so even a bushy beard can be lightly tamed without having to submit to a full-on trim, if that’s your goal.

The PG6025’s blades are made from self-sharpening surgical steel for quality and durability. Furthermore, since they’re self-sharpening, maintenance is pretty much nonexistent (aside of cleaning and charging, obviously), so it’s a pretty low-maintenance trimmer.

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