The Remington All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit features a robust array of attachments to meet all of your grooming needs, including: 3 beard combs, a stubble comb, hair clipper comb (with 8 length settings), ear and detail trimmer, nose trimmer, foil shaver and full-size trimmer. The three beard combs provide varying lengths, so even a bushy beard can be lightly tamed without having to submit to a full-on trim, if that’s your goal.

The PG6025’s blades are made from self-sharpening surgical steel for quality and durability. Furthermore, since they’re self-sharpening, maintenance is pretty much nonexistent (aside of cleaning and charging, obviously), so it’s a pretty low-maintenance trimmer.

The rechargeable li-ion battery provides a full 65 minutes of runtime. Better still, there’s no fade, like what’s common with lower quality trimmers. With the Remington, you get full power until the battery runs out of juice, ensuring your beard trimming remains consistent and sharp.

Every included attachment with the Remington PG6025 is washable under running water, so you can easily keep your equipment nice and clean.

Aside of all of the grooming attachments, the battery and the charger, the Remington All-in-1 also comes with its own storage pouch, so you can keep your trimmer and its attachments all in one place.


  • 8 attachments, including 3 beard combs and a stubble comb
  • Surgical steel blades, self-sharpening
  • Easy to clean components
  • Cordless
  • ​Rechargeable li-ion battery
  • ​65-minute runtime
  • ​Storage pouch included
  • ​60-day moneyback guarantee


Unlike other Remington models, this one does not feature the quick-charge function. However, if you plan your recharging wisely, this won’t be an issue.

Takes longer to charge compared to some other options, but again, if you plan accordingly, you can work around this.

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