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In this Remington Trimmer Review, we look at the Remington Beard Trimmer, MB4045B Beard Boss.  The Beard Boss boasts a 120-minute runtime on just a 4-hour charge. While that charge-to-runtime ratio would be pretty bad in the world of cellphones, for instance, it’s actually very impressive when it comes to beard trimmers, which, as a general rule, take a notoriously long time to charge. 120 minutes equals two full hours, and since your trimming sessions probably aren’t that long, you’ll get several uses out of The Beard Boss before you even have to think about recharging, thanks to its powerful li-ion battery.

There are three combs that come with The Beard Boss. The two shorter combs are pretty much what you’d except in a comb set that comes with a good beard trimmer, but the standout is definitely the XL-length comb, which is explicitly designed to keep your long, manly beard looking nice and groomed without taking too much length off. The smaller combs can help you further tailor or detail your look.

The Beard Boss zoom wheels allows you to effortlessly control your length settings. Simply zoom it, lock it, and you’re done. There are 18 total length settings. When you combine that with the versatile beard combs, it gives you a very customizable beard trimming experience. Additionally, with the zoom wheel, it better enables you to quickly style a more intricate beard look, if that’s how you roll, because changing length settings is really that easy. You can seamlessly go from trimming to detailing, saving time on your morning routine.

Remington Beard Trimmer

The Remington Beard Boss features precision cut, self-sharpening blades for a quality, low maintenance beard trimming experience.

Aside of the beard trimmer itself and three length combs, The Beard Boss Full Beard Kit comes with a premium beard brush and scissors as well. The scissors can help you trim away pesky stray hairs while the brush smooths everything out to make you look all dapper and stuff.  When you purchase the Remington Beard Trimmer Beard Boss, you'll get such great features such as:

  • Cordless; 120-minute runtime
  • Rechargeable li-ion battery
  • 18 length settings
  • 3 beard length combs, including XL length for full beards
  • Length adjustment works via lockable zoom wheel, allowing for a more seamless experience than other length adjustment methods
  • Quick-release blade
  • Precision cut, self-sharpening blades
  • Premium beard scissors included
  • Washable, hygienic
  • Thick-bristled beard brush included
  • 60-day moneyback guarantee


Wrapping up this Remington trimmer review, we found the length settings on this model don’t directly translate to other Remington beard trimmers. This doesn’t affect how the trimmer itself works, but it is a learning curve if you’ve been using another Remington trimmer. (Bottom line: Be sure to learn the lengths of this model to get the look you want.)  That all being said, we highly recommend the The Beard Boss in this Remington trimmer review.  

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